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As a coordinator, in tie-up with Kotak Securities, we can provide you with various investment solutions,research reports and support to invest. We will first understand your risk, and explain to you the best possible avenues.

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Your search for high quality health insurance stops here.
Introducing Max Bupa Health Insurance which is a partnership between Max India Limited and the UK based Bupa Group. We believe in nurturing long-term relationships with our customers by providing the highest levels of service. We want to set standards in the delivery of health insurance, so that you can benefit.
Max India Limited: A reputation for excellence
With a 90% customer satisfaction rating in its existing businesses, the group brings expertise in Insurance and Healthcare with a strong presence in Life Insurance (Max New York Life), Healthcare (Max Hospitals) and Clinical Research (Max Neeman Clinical Research).
A 7,300 crore company, it has over 500 offices across more than 300 locations in the country, more than 20,000 employees and 80,000 agents, all focused on delivering satisfaction.
Bupa: 60 years of Care
Established in 1947 as the British United Provident Association, Bupa today has over 12 million customers in over 200 countries.
Bupa brings in a wealth of experience in serving customers directly in health insurance across the world. In addition to quality health insurance, Bupa runs care homes for elderly people and the young disabled, health assessments & health coaching and workplace health programmes for customers.
Health Insurance for you and your family
As you achieve success in providing a better lifestyle for your family, their wellbeing is always on top of your mind. In the world around us, even as medical science makes remarkable advances in health care, the average age of those afflicted by lifestyle diseases is getting younger. Making lifestyle changes towards leading a healthier life is the answer, and equally, you need access to the best treatments available and protection against medical emergencies. A Health Insurance cover gives the peace of mind and freedom to protect and grow your hard-earned assets. But it’s not just about health insurance, it’s also about health.When it comes to your family’s health, you need a partner you can trust. You need someone who can assist you through rain and shine, for your needs throughout your life. No compromises – only the best will do.

  • 3 in 100 were diagnosed with diabetes in 2007
  • 7 in 100 will have diabetes in 2025
  • 60 per cent of the world’s cardiac patients will be Indian’s by 2010 – WHO
  • 3 Million people die of cardiovascular diseases
  • 5 million will die of cardiovascular diseases by 2020
  • 50% of these deaths are under 70 years of age
  • 10% of people aged above 20 in urban India suffer from cardiovascular diseases
  • 12 in 100 were diagnosed of high blood pressure in 2007 - WHO
  • 21 in 100 will have high blood pressure problems in 2025
  • 1/5th of population can develop cancer
  • 50% of them will suffer from this disease for at least 5 years, thereafter
How deep is your pocket?
Most of the rupees spend on healthcare are from our own pocket:
Country Out-of-pocket payment
India 80%
US 13.70%
Japan 20%
Australia 16%
France 20.50%
Germany 11%
Canada 17%
UK 3%

As the above table shows, no other pockets over the world are so pressed. And these costs are rising. Medical inflation, currently at 20% per annum, has no reins on it as the private sector is highly unorganized with no standard pricing. The same operation may cost you multiples of the amount that is actually the cost price in various clinics based on level of perceived ‘class’.
According to a World Bank Study, expenditure on health in the family is the second most common cause of impoverishment in India. Among those who seek medical help about 40% have been pushed into poverty.
Studies over the last 60 years show an alarmingly high rate of coronary heart disease and premature heart disease among Indians. The trend was first observed among Indians in the late 1950s, but unfortunately little has been done since then to reverse it. We are now witnessing the spread of an epidemic across the South Asian region and India is right in the middle of it. It is estimated that Indians are nearly four times more susceptible to heart attacks than Caucasians, with 25% of attacks happening to people under the age of 40, unheard of in other populations. Among urban Indians, incidence of heart problems is 12%, while it’s just 5% in the US. In 2005, NCDs (Non Communicable Diseases) accounted for 60% of projected deaths worldwide – an estimated 35 million people died of NCDs. 80% of the deaths from NCDs occurred in low & middle income countries.
The five major NCDs are heart disease, stroke, cancer, chronic respiratory diseases and diabetes.
Here are some good reasons for you to choose Max Bupa as your health insurance partner:
  • Talk directly to Us – Direct settlement of your claims - No Third Party Administrator (TPA)
  • Cashless Facility at Quality Network Hospitals
  • Assured Renewability of the policy throughout your life
  • Maternity & Child Care Benefits
  • No Age Restriction for Enrolment – Any Age Entry – 0 to 99 years
  • More Comprehensive Coverage – Up to 50 Lakh Coverage
  • Free Health Check-Ups at the time of Renewal
  • 13 Relationships covered under one policy
  • Tax Savings – Under Sec 80 D
  • All Day Care Procedures like Dialysis, Chemotherapy, Lithotripsy etc covered up to your policy value
  • Hospitalization expenses covered 100% up to your policy value without any sub-limits
  • Relationship Manager to assist at the time of claim settlement
  • Renewal incentives - We have a Health Relationship Program that supports you on taking positive actions to improve your health.
What to do next
If you’d like to find out more about Max Bupa’s Heartbeat Health Insurance plans and, or would like a personal quote, speak to a member of our specially trained sales team or your local advisor. They’ll take time to fully understand your requirements and help you to select the right plan for you.
It’s time to put your health first.
To know more log on to or call +91 98453 88515