Payroll Processing Services
We understand the importance and sensitivity of payroll service delivery. We provide fully managed payroll services to clients that range in size from 10 employees to the largest blue chip companies. It is a complete solution with all features needed in payroll software along with some you won't find elsewhere...
  • Manage all aspects of payroll operations including payroll processing, salary statement, reimbursements, PF, ESI, income tax, and so on.
  • Suitable for ALL sectors from manufacturing, services, healthcare to IT
  • Capable of processing payroll of 50 - 50,000 employees.
  • The payroll software is backed with responsive help desk with multiple support options.
  • Available for integration with other products for seamless interaction between departments.
We can provide services as part of a fully integrated Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) solution, on Software as a service model (SaaS Model) or from an integrated HR and Payroll application or as a stand alone payroll only software solution. In every case, we work with our clients to maximize functionality, processes and automation to protect our client's investment in the underlying technology.