Placement and Outsourcing Services
ManagePro focuses on providing exclusive service to its clients. These services are designed, developed and customized to meet specific organizational needs. We assist our clients in making better use of their human resources and enable clients to achieve real competitive advantage.

We have teams of consultants specializing in a wide range of disciplines for providing a wide spectrum of services, with focus on Executive search, Recruitment, Temporary and Contract Staffing solutions. Our company is widely regarded as a fast growing services provider providing effective and trouble free services.

We have resource needed to assist you to establish a global presence; we look forward to offer you our continuous services to meet your requirements throughout your business cycle.

At ManagePro, we are working with over 50 organizations managing their man power requirements.  Our success in placement of over 75 professionals at various levels across varied domains and technologies has given us invaluable experience in understanding the entire Recruitment space. 

We have a structured approach to solving today's complex problems faced by recruiters, which include:

  • Talent availability Landscaping.
  • Job profiling and Compensation Analysis
  • Company profiling, Theme and Pitch
  • Resume Sourcing/Headhunting
  • Candidate prospecting
  • Recruitment process management
  • Offer management and salary negotiation
  • Post offer follow up
  • Ensure smooth transition between job assignments

We are committed to be of service and all times ensure that:

  • We understand, ask questions, be specific and customized to the client's requirements;
  • We are exclusive in delivery; we handle only what we can and meet up with requirements of clients in terms of quality and time;
  • We are solution based, developed on processes and systems that "fit" the client's requirements and meet their needs;
  • We aim at professionalism and excellence;
  • We strive to exceed expectations in terms of value for the service we provide;

It is always challenge for in-house recruiters to identify and recruit to executives with their limited contacts and due to sensitivities involved in approaching a prospective candidate. Recruiter's superior senior level candidates in intricate and best performed by a discreet professional.

We at ManagePro have a dedicated team of seasoned professionals to undertake such executive search assignment. We Understand that:

  • Executive search is a time-consuming
  • Sensitive and confidential process

We assist client by
  • Bringing objectivity and feedback to management
  • Helping to evaluate their expectations
  • Reviewing relevant organization structure and reporting
  • Defining a realistic profile and compensation package
  • Collecting the background Information about the candidate
Based on a study of client organization's recruitment processes, we will work out a model to reduce cost per hire. This is achieved by deploying a team at the client's offices and devoting part of ManagePro's own infrastructure. This service is designed for organizations which hire for most of the year (9 months or more) and requires at least 300 closure yearly as an assured plan. Depending on the organization's structure, the RPO can be implemented for whole or part of the client organization.
Manage Pro will work for select group or a project within the client's organization for a set duration (typically 3 months) exclusively to close all the targeted positions. This model works on a services fee + success fee model with the SLAs linked to the service fee.
Events and Rapid Hiring

The time factor involved in the hiring process is key in the overheated IT job market ManagePro conducts hiring events for several clients even weekend. The process essentially eliminates the time consuming step of CVs being sent to the client's organization for reviewed by the technical panels. We take on this responsibility, enabling the technical panel to concentrate on their projects and the actual interviews of candidates.

Senior Technical Search

Manage Pro has established a large network of candidates in 8 to 20 years experience bracket and has a team of senior recruiters who will work closely with your organization to help close sensitive senior positions.

Our recruitment solutions ensure a flexible, cost effective and superior quality services with strict compliance to deliver schedules.